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Lemon Ricotta Hot Cakes
6 - large eggs - separated
1.5 cups - Whole-milk ricotta cheese
1 stick - Unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1/2 tsp - Pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup - All-purpose flour
1/4 cup - Sugar
1/2 tsp - Salt
2 T - Grated lemon zest
Powered sugar, for dusting
Optional: Blackberries as a garnish
1 - Egg, large
Heat a griddle.

Whip egg whites until they hold firm, glossy peaks, and set aside.

Beat ricotta cheese, butter, egg yolks and vanilla together, and set aside.

Whisk together flour, sugar, salt and zest. With a rubber spatula, stir dry ingredients gently into the ricotta mixture. Stir a spoonful of whipped egg whites into the batter then gently fold in the remainder.

Grease the heated griddle, if necessary. Drop 3 T. of batter for each pancake on the griddle, allowing space for spreading. Cook until golden on the bottom and the top shows a bubble or two. Gently flip, and cook until undersides are light brown. Dust with powdered sugar. Top with berries, if desired.

Adapted from the Four Seasons hotel in New York

Serves 2-4





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