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Pizza a la BBQ
Flat Bread
1T - sugar
2T - yeast
1-1/3 cups - warm/hot (105 degrees) water
1t - salt
3-3.5 cups - flour
1T - olive oil

Kathy's Favorite Sauce
Plain or Spice Red Pepper Hummus

Marinated chicken
Roasted red pepper
Goat cheese
Red onion
Flat Bread
Preferably use a ceramic bowl for flat bread dough. Warm it up before putting any ingredients in it, by filling it with hot water for a few minutes.

Add the sugar, yeast and warm water. (If using Active Dry Yeast, there’s no need to wait for the yeast to activate; if not
using active yeast just follow the waiting time instructions for your yeast). Add the salt, and about 2 Cups of flour. Continue adding flour until the dough has the right consistency: not too sticky and not too stiff.

Knead the dough for approximately five minutes. Form an oval shape from the dough and lightly rub olive oil on the whole surface. Place the dough back in the ceramic bowl and allow it to rise for 30-45 minutes.

Fire up your grill to a medium level.

Now separate the dough into 8 pieces and roll them out so that they are thin (but not too thin). Use aluminum foil to separate them after adding a light amount of olive oil to each side.

Place each of them on your grill for approximately 8-10 minutes for the first side and 5 minutes for the other side – times may vary depending on the grill. One side should be light brown and the other with no color, just cooked and dry. Take them off the grill (Leave your grill on) and bring them inside – its time to decorate them with your toppings

Place the toppings on the side of the pizza that has some light browning. Once the toppings have been put on the pizzas, take them back out to the grill and place them on the grill with the top closed for about five minutes. Since most grills vary, watch it closely, you just want to melt certain cheese and heat up the toppings.  

My favorite sauce & toppings are shown here but almost anything will work. If you are having a small party, surprise your guests. If they ask to bring something, just have them bring some chopped veggies or a bag of pepperoni or maybe a salad.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a group over 10 people -- it would take a while to get all the pizzas cooked unless you have a massive grill

Makes approximately 8 individual pizzas


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