Zuzu Valentine

Friday, January 21, 2005

Tamarack Beach

One of the pics from our failed attempt to come up with one great Holiday Card photo (that's Birgen in the background)

Thursday, November 25, 2004


3 weeks old today, and getting bigger and bigger. 2 days ago, we weighed her here at home...8-lbs 10-oz (1/2 lb in 5 days!!!).

Thanksgiving dinner was at Earle & Joanne's...Zuzu got to meet her cousins Ronnie & Lauren, and spent most of the day sleeping.

More new pictures here

Thursday, November 18, 2004

2 weeks

Zuzu had her 2 week appointment with the doctor today. "Perfect" said the doctor. She's already exceeding her birth weight (now tipping the scales at 8-lbs, 2-oz).

Last night, Zuzu took in her first movie, the 7pm showing of "The Incredibles" -- she insisted on this one because her big sister's first movie was Pixar's last blockbuster, "Finding Nemo." Although she was only awake for a feeding midway through the show, on the way home, she said she really appreciated the storyline as well as the casting of Craig T Nelson and Elizabeth Pena.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


The girls came home this morning and are all doing fine. A first round of pictures are up here, with more to follow.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Zuzu Valentine arrived with an absolute minimum of fuss. Meredith broke her water about 6:30am...birgen was picked up by joanne by 7:30...we were at the hospital by 8:30. Epidural at 10:30 and then 4 pushes and delivery at 11:36am.

7-lbs, 8.5oz, 20" long (almost exactly the same as her big sis) and very healthy. Also the same as her sister was the delivery date...37 weeks & 4 days into the pregnancy (however, labor was a LOT longer with Birgen). Pics coming later.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Day Baby?

I had my 37 week check-up today. Things are progressing nicely. Baby is head down and ready to go. I've dilated to 4cm already and am 75% effaced (sorry if this is too graphic :) for the guys ).

Bags are packed, video cameras are charging.

Will she come on election day? Will we have a new President?

Excited for the next few days...


Monday, October 25, 2004

False Alarms

Well, just a few false alarms. I thought maybe some Braxton Hicks would turn into the real deal but it's probably better this way. I'm 36wks and usually this is considered early/pre-term, but my doctors think baby is fine and ready. Birgen came at 37wks so they're making us think it could happen at any moment. We wait. If I go to 38wks I have an option to induce. I'm not sure I will; she'll come when she's ready I think.

In the meantime, Tom continues to make me nervous with his 45-60 minute commute on a high traffic highway :) . Birgen continues to try and sit in the various bouncy seats around the house. This will def. be a transition for her !

Will keep you posted... not that anyone is reading this anyway :)


Well, maybe not that soon

So, here we sit, nearly a week later and no ---- (sorry, not telling the name yet!). Another visit to the doctor on Friday and again today. All's fine and she's coming soon. We just don't know how soon.