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Jim's Iraq blog




Jim, Maggie & the Z's
Jim & Maggie now live in Houston. Jim is home, as of February 25, from his six month stay at the Marine base in Al Qaim in western Iraq [more on that below left].

<== Jim & Zoe over Thanksgiving in Houston
Esack & Jim

The Guys at Thanksgiving (2006)
Zoe and Fraser making funny faces (2004)
Trifle time (Nov 2006)
Somewhere in Mexico.
NYE 2005


Jim finished up his Navy service in last July (2006), retiring as a Commander. After some wrestling around with the state of Texas' medical licensing process, he's now fulltime on the ER staff at [?] Hospital in Houston. Maggie's back in the civic planning at Enrst & Young.

Esack (as Zack now prefers to be known) is a freshman at the University of Iowa and is enjoying life in the dorms and everything that goes with it.

Zoe is now 14, in high school and has (periodically) maintaining a blog (link is also on the left) with updates like her trip during summer 2005 to Key West (FL).



From August 2005 through February 2006, Jim was deployed into Iraq, with a Marine shock platoon at a Marine base in Al Qaim, in western Iraq near the Syrian border. While he was over there, we were all able to keep track of him through his blog. Pictures immediately above and below are from his homecoming.

Other Navy Bits

Graduation Class of 2003
Jim & Maggie at Jim's residency graduation in San Diego
Jim getting his diploma

Bits & Pieces 

That's Maggie on the far right, front row (!)


4th of July (2003) in St Louis


The girls at Busch Stadium (2003)


Checking out UCLA campus  


NYE 2007  


Chef Jim with his salmon something or other




Pictures from Mexico (Sept 2003)
Maggie & her dad
Jim's 40th Birthday (2003)
From the left: Earle, Joanne, Bob, Kadie, Ellen, Maggie, Jim & Erik
Best friends Erik & Kadie Frechette (expecting their #1 at the time).
Maggie's sister Rose and husband, Sergio
Jim & Gizmo