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Jim & Maggie & Linda Mangan

Friday night - O'Neill's

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Bella Grueskin & Sally Kaplan

Friday night - O'Neill's

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Kathy, Doug & Dave Russell

:) Anyone recognize what Dave is wearing?

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Lynn Arkin & Kathy

Friday night - O'Neills

Denny & North

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Jim, Maggie, Doug & Kathy

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...pardon the photographer, he managed to get his ass in just about every picture.

They are cutting the cake, in case you are wondering.

Linda & Laura Mangan - our cousins

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This could be one of those commercials...

Cost of flowers...$$

Cost of wedding dress...$$

Cost of reception...$$

Cost of the look on Mom's face when she was served a hotdog for dinner...Priceless

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Mom & Thyra Mangan       (her sister)

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Doug, Tom & Linda

Mere & her Dad

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Mere at the head of the Dancing Parade

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Mere & the siblings

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Dad & Carl Franzen         (mom's brother) Jaime & Cindy Rosenthal Jaime, how was Saturday Night Live?

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Pat & Jana

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Jim & Kathy

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Tom & Mom

...nice dancing!

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Tom & Mere

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Rob Cheng

...enjoying the ride

The Subway Gang

Only at Tom's wedding would you be taking the subway home

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Kathy, Laura, North & Linda

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Linda Mangan & Maggie Grueskin Ted Waitt

(bestman toast)

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North, Pat & Kathy

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We all survived the weekend!

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The Grueskins Jim, Maggie & Doug

Times Square

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Kathy & Bella

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Kathy with the cousins     

Linda, Laura & Kirsten Mangan

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Tom & Aunt Doris

Joe & Kirsten Mangan

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