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Meredith, Tom & Birgen, Zuzu and Race
Carlsbad, CA

<--- At Christmas
More pictures of Race (soon)
Race Rocket Grueskin was born on Sept 27, 2006


Nightime December
Christmas w/Bella
Bates Nut Farm in October
Summer 2006


Other Carlsbad News...
February 2007

At four months, Race is a pretty seriously big boy, a hair under 17-lbs. He's also extremely vocal (especially at 4am)...not crying, just trying out his new found voice. The girls love this.

Birgen started pre-school last fall and loves every bit of it, her two teachers, her new friends (esp Mick from the 4-year old class).

Zuzu loves books, cars, balls and has began to potty train herself while everyone else was busy with Race and the holidays.

Ham is headed to Colorado to live with Pat and Sara, where he will no doubt receive a bit more attention than he's found in Carlsbad recently. No fault of his...just too much competition.

Various Older Pics

Birgen w/Eliza Marovitz (2004)
Ham's photo album
Eli's telling Birgen all about why it is cool to be a Packer fan in southern California
Birgen with her cousin Lauren
At the zoo with her mommy (Feb 2004)
In Aug, 1997, I (Tom) went to India for about two & a half weeks with a few friends. We spent most of the time up in the Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh near the borders of Tibet and Nepal. [more]


Big sister... little brother probably not real sure what's going on


Zuzu showing her hand at big sister duty


Christmas morning


Christmas 06 parade...bundled up like they're in Iowa


Ham & Birgen...she's 7 months, and he's 2.5 yrs..


2005: Grueskin Girls out for a stroll (check out the bike attachment)




February 2004
 Our wedding & honeymoon [more] 
First Mother's Day
Meredith in Iowa, with Bessie
Our move to Calif [more]
Xmas 2002 photo album