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Well, there's just Pat in this family. Not counting the two dogs. Still in Colorado Springs

<---Yes, that is Ham. Got tired of the California beaches and headed to live with Uncle Pat and Sarah [photo album here].
Pat & his nephew Zack cruising San Diego


Ballooning in New Mexico
After-ski with Igor & Paula
Fraser & Bella (w/both hands)
Pat on the far left [enlarge]


More Pat news...
Two years ago, he had house guests.

We have heard that Pat has a dog now (although we have seen no pictures to prove either the ownership or the Colorado Springs residence.


With Ham in January 2005



Pat likes biking

Pat's 2002 run-in with PETA (below)

Prior to the start of the 3rd annual Cajun Race / Boil / Feast, that's Pat (far left) hosing off the contestents [enlarge].


The "race" phase - the winner is the last one into the boil.


At the "feast" - that's winner next to the green cup on the far left.


Proving he can balance Bella in one hand without dropping her [enlarge
Wearing a tie for some reason 
And here, a tux
Hanging out with the family in Iowa (1999 or 2000)